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Fibre Laser Engineer

FIBRE LASER ENGINEER – Crawley, West Sussex UK

We are currently seeking a Fibre Laser Engineer to join our growing multi-disciplinary Operations team. This position will be based in Crawley reporting the Chief Engineer of Operations.

The Fibre Laser Engineer will work with a small team of engineers, scientists and technicians in the UK supporting the design, build and test of lasers in the production of the Company’s high power laser systems.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

The following key areas of responsibility describe the main elements of your role that you are expected to perform in the normal course of your duties:


  1. Transfer fibre laser products from R&D to manufacturing.
  2. Design, build, test, and document test fixtures for introducing new products into production, including documenting design, liaising with drawing office and document control, producing test procedures, and training staff in the use of test fixture and procedure.
  3. Take responsibility for key projects, managing development, build and test timescales through to the finished product.
  4. Develop and maintain splice, cleave and other key manufacturing process recipes.
  5. Assist with manufacturing workload when required.
  6. Direct manufacturing staff in the most effective method of assembly.
  7. Compile comprehensive manufacturing work instructions to the satisfaction of the Company.
  8. Manage manufacturing documentation for configuration control and quality systems to the satisfaction of the Company.
  9. Liaise with other companies working in collaboration to support the product development or commercialisation.
  10. Identify and collaborate with vendors providing materials and services.
  11. Participate in troubleshooting on production line as needed.


  1. Participate in key aspects of the modelling, design, construction, test and characterisation of high power fibre lasers.
  2. Take responsibility for testing and evaluation of the key laser components including pump diode, nonlinear optics and laser gain media.
  3. Work in collaboration with other senior optical, mechanical and electrical design staff.
  4. Research into state of the art laser designs and development of ground breaking technology.
  5. Contribute to product roadmaps.
  6. Identification, specification, procurement and integration of equipment for research and development.
  7. Liaise with other engineering staff from collaborating companies providing design, supplies, or services.
  8. Participate in field engineering activities (including international travel) to the satisfaction of all parties involved.
  9. Develop, review and recommend the specification of parts and systems.
  10. Develop and specify new software for control systems, graphic interface and testing interface, as required.
  11. Contribute to writing technical papers for journals, conferences and publications as required.
  12. Attendance at conferences and technical shows as required.
  13. Assist with the build process of different types of lasers, including possibly legacy solid state systems, when required.
  14. Interface directly with customers to understand needs, as required.

The following skills and attributes are required to adequately fulfill this role:

  1. To be creative in design; organised and persuasive in development; disciplined and effective in delivery; and attentive and proactive in all of your work.
  2. To be knowledgeable of, and sympathetic to, the commercial and business aspects of any development/design ideas.
  3. To be instrumental in creating a centre of excellence by maintaining the highest standards of work, performance and attitude at all times.
  4. PhD or higher with 2+ years of experience and able to demonstrate proficiency in fibre laser and amplifier designs
  5. To possess and continue to increase a sound and demonstrative knowledge of:

a.    fibre mode structure and behaviour and associated modelling;

b.    pulsed seed lasers (semiconductor, mode-locked, Q-switched, etc);

c.    nonlinear effects common in high peak power fibre systems (SRS, SBS, SPM, FWM, TMI etc) and their mitigation techniques;

d.    fibre amplifier modelling using Matlab and/or commercial software such as RP Fibre Power;

e.    9xxnm pump diodes and fused pump combiners;

f.     optical fibre fusion splicing, cleaving and preparation;

g.    fibre laser manufacturing best practices;

h.    ultrafast fibre laser architectures;

i.      fibre optic delivery and endcap termination;

j.      reliability testing;

Comprehensive benefits:

  • Competitive salary;
  • 25 days' annual leave plus bank holidays;
  • Workplace pension scheme;
  • Wellbeing cashback plan;
  • Casual and creative work environment;
  • Balanced work-life company culture.

If you believe that you have what it takes to flourish and succeed in this role, send your application letter and CV to jo.rodway@andritz.com  

*Strictly no agencies please

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