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Powerlase has successfully combined high average power, high repetition rates, and high intensity pulses with hand held scanners, a combination not previously available. The unique utilisation of these product features introduces laser processing into new and innovative application spaces.

The Vulcan family of laser cleaning systems offer rapid paint and coating removal. The fastest of which is a 1.6 kW Q-switched DPSS laser, fibre delivered to a galvanometer based, ergonomic, hand-held, compact scan head. With the proven reliability and high pulse energy of Rigel, Vulcan offers simplified control systems and simple synchronisation that will deliver faster processing and unlock the highest potential of laser based paint, coating removal and surface preparation. For a compact solution, the Vulcan is available with a 500W pulsed fibre laser, an integrated cooling system, and convenient single phase power requirement.

Vulcan Series

  Vulcan 500c Vulcan 1200e Vulcan 1600e
Power (W) 500 1200 1600
Pulse duration (ns) 70 - 500 (adjustable) 40 - 120 40 - 120
Pulse energy (mJ) 40 150 200
Distinctive Feature Best combination of power and portability   Highest power available

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