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A 400 watt fibre-delivered acousto-optically Q-switched, diode-pumped Nd:YAG DPSS laser system. Delivers high average powers at a wavelength of 532 nm, unpolarised. A rugged head design and a custom control system provides a platform that is ideally suited to industrial applications. The laser head contains two independent oscillators which can be triggered in synchronous or asynchronous pulse mode. Longer effective pulse durations can also be produced by triggering with a short delay. Continuously variable attenuation is provided within the laser enclosure. A microprocessor architecture allows for serial interfaces, touch screen control and simple synchronisation with OEM equipment and process lines.

A condition-monitoring suite provides details, real time, of laser performance using power monitors and internal diagnostics. First pulse control can be provided across the performance range. The laser system has been designed for high-volume manufacturing environments. External facility requirements are limited to an electrical supply / coolant water and Purge gas (CDA or N2). 


Power (W) 350
Pulse duration (ns) 75
Pulse energy (mJ) 35.5
Fibre diameter (µm) 800


  • Thin Film Removal
  • Photovoltaic Processing
  • Poly-silicon Annealing
  • Hard Materials Processing
  • Ti:sapphire Pumping