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Procyon is a scalable high-power laser platform consisting of multiple, synchronised laser modules optimised for stability and reliability. The Procyon g2000 system is an upscale of the Procyon g1600 incorporating ten 200 W green lasers, achieving a total of 2000 W average power at 532 nm. The system features a centralised control interface for simple operation and easy integration. Modular design and long-life pump diodes ensure high uptime and dependable operation in a 24/7 production environment.


Pulse Repetition Freq. (kHz) 5 – 20
Average Power (W) 10 x 200
Pulse Energy (mJ) 8 x 20
Divergence (mrad, 1/e2 FA) < 4
M2 < 30
Typical Power Stability (s) < 0.4%
Polarisation Linear
Fibre Delivery Optional


  • Poly-silicon annealing
  • Laser Lift-off
  • Composites cutting