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Buying your first laser cleaning system

IMG_2440If you’re a business or a project manager thinking about purchasing your first laser cleaning system, you might think the task of learning about lasers while deciding on what laser to purchase can be very daunting. At the start of the journey, some might feel overwhelmed with information, while many are just seeking answers to everyday questions like - What can it clean and how quickly?, How can it perform on my desired surface? and How much does it cost? 

Powerlase has broad experience in quickly developing repeatable, consistent processes for a variety of applications and can help you improve process stability, efficiency, and quality. Our team of applications engineers has proven time and again that their combination of laser and materials science knowledge help our customers rapidly deploy new products and processes to meet their customers changing needs.

In this fast-paced and growing market it is easy for the key decision makers to feel overwhelmed, be confused by scientific stats and swamped in the sea of marketing jargon and terminology that doesn't answer their questions. An overly complex laser buying process deters a lot of businesses from adding that all important time and cost-saving high power laser system their production workflow so needs.


At ANRITZ Powerlase we endeavour to support our customers in making the right decision for their laser cleaning needs. Our Applications team are able to provide sample test trials to show customers the high speed and achievable results of our lasers for their desired application.


At ANDRITZ Powerlase we are available to answer any sales and technical questions, we boast a dedicated team who work hard to provide an excellent service in supporting customers around the world, and we strive to assist them in every step of their buying journey. 


Ultimately, new customers want to know two things: How powerful are our lasers? and how fast can it clean? The answer to these questions gives customers a clear understanding of the time and money they will save once investing in their first with ANDRITZ Powerlase.

Our continued commitment to improving the capabilities of our lasers system technology via the highest power and pulse energy handheld laser cleaning systems can unlock the highest potential of laser cleaning. Armed with years of experience in manufacturing high power lasers, our engineering teams are able to demonstrate our superiority in laser cleaning results.


ANDRITZ Powerlase gives our customers the best combination of pulse energy and average power. This has always been our core value since developing our revolutionary laser technology in. Our laser systems are even more impressive when used for Laser Cleaning. 

The ANDRITZ Powerlase Vulcan series is in a class of its own when producing power. Unlike our competitors, our lasers can produce a pulse energy well over 100 mJ. ANDRITZ Powerlase' Applications Development Manager Ioannis Metsios explains the phenomena that happens at the 100 mJ mark which produces cleaner, higher quality results, and high throughput - freeing up your critical resources to focus on their areas of expertise.

IMG_1669 “Specifically for Laser Cleaning, the performance aspect of Powerlase' products which is most interesting are lasers that emit beyond 100 mJ of pulse energy. This is because at that pulse energy cleaning is truly enabled. The speed is increased almost exponentially (for several items) because several phenomena like surface interface interaction, plasma generation and shock wave release come together to increase the speed of coating removal and cleaning in general.”

Applications Development Manager - Ioannis Metsios 


Buying your first laser cleaning system needn't be a daunting experience, let ANDRITZ Powerlase help your business to do it the right way. Contact our sales team and one of our representatives will be on hand to assist you with the right application.

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