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The High Power Laser Blog

The Prometheus Project: The next generation of high power laser surface processing

The growing demand for laser cleaning in the conservation sector

Laser cleaning is becoming the preferred choice for tyre moulds

Environmentally Friendly Bridge Cleaning

Visit ANDRITZ Powerlase at Photonics West to see the new Vulcan 500c & Centauri i500 laser cleaning systems (Feb 2-7)

Powerlase sets the process right with their laser cleaning system

The Vulcan Handheld - Lightweight Laser Cleaning Equipment

Visit the ANDRITZ booth at FABTECH to see the new Vulcan 500c fibre laser cleaning system (Nov 6-8)

ANDRITZ Powerlase attends Parts2Clean 2018

Achieve The Fastest Rust Removal with a Powerlase Laser

ANDRITZ Powerlase and Laser Spectronix present at the semiannual KSLP event

New High Power Fibre Laser on show at AMTS Shanghai Jul 4-7 2018

Control of Pulse Duration and Shape in a 400-W Q-switched 532-nm laser

Buying your first laser cleaning system

Fastest Laser Paint Removal Available

High Pulse Energy Lasers, kW Average Power Nanosecond Lasers Enable Breakthrough in Rapid Coating Removal

The Process of Laser Rust Removal

Hybrid Detachment in Laser Coating Removal

Detachment vs. Ablation in Laser Coating Removal

Laser Coating Removal by Different Laser Methods

Laser Cleaning Background 

High Power Laser Sources and Laser Cleaning Systems

The Impact of UV Barriers and Hardeners on Depainting with High Power Lasers

Meet the New Centauri Family of High Energy Pulsed Fibre Lasers

New Fibre Laser on show at Parts 2 Clean!

ANDRITZ Powerlase Ltd. announces Vulcan

Andritz Powerlase at World of Photonics!

ANDRITZ acquires majority stake in Powerlase

Andritz Powerlase Limited Unveils 0.8 – 1.6kW High Pulse Energy Laser Systems

Powerlase Photonics Limited Unveils 0.8 – 1.6kW High Pulse Energy Laser Systems

Powerlase Photonics Inc expands with new offices in Orlando, Florida

Powerlase Photonics acquired by Powerlase Holdings