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Manufacturing Build

powerlase-application-lab.jpgThis area has clean booths where our technicians assemble all the components before they go into the laser. These clean booths ensure maximum cleanliness from the environment, this ensures the longevity and the reliability of our products making sure there’s no dust on the surfaces and it's not going to break. This entire room is a clean room area.

To further ensure the highest quality we also build in extra clean booths (on the right of the image), the various booths are assigned to different parts of the assembly. Once assembled we then put them into environmentally controlled storage (far left cabinets), at this point, they are ready to go into our product (or replacement product if one of the components came in for repair).

Manufacturing Test

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After the product has been in Manufacturing Build are we wheel our product into the Manufacturing Test area, we then plug it in and start running tests and fine tuning it further both electrically and mechanically. This is called Environment Process and Test Process, the product is then aligned to the best performance possible, we then make sure the product matches its specification. It then comes out of this process with a certificate to say it is ready and meets all the specs requested, this customer summary is then passed onto the customer.

Highly Trained Personnel

We employ over highly skilled scientists and engineers that are ready to solve your toughest problems and challenges. Contact us and get started!