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Our applications laboratory is based at the Andritz Powerlase HQ in Crawley, UK. This state of the art lab is manned by physicist Ioannis Metsios, the UK HQ is home to a large number of physicists who are readily available to assist clients about their applications.

The applications lab is used for 4 main functions they are as follows:

1. Demonstration

The applications lab is used to demonstrate how a laser system works, this set up is extremely useful to clients who are new to laser solutions. This helps the client to understand the basics of the process, they can see first-hand the clear advantages in adopting an Andritz Powerlase built system.

2. Pre-testing

The applications lab helps our clients know if a laser could complete their required task. The pre-testing process gives clients the best information prior to placing an order. Interested clients can get in contact and request pre-testing. Once approved clients can then send in physical examples for testing. The applications team will then test the client samples and produce a report with their findings. This pre-testing service demonstrates the capabilities of our high-powered lasers under the clients key working conditions. After testing, clients will know if a laser will work for them and if it will perform as per their request. This service is most suited for clients who are ready to purchase from Andritz Powerlase, this is a cost-effective approach to R&D and is a vast reduction in cost compared to using a research institute, we pride ourselves on assisting our clients every step of the way and giving them more personal one-to-one experience prior to buying our pulse laser system.

The Application lab offers a free trial service for clients that are wanting to purchase our laser solution, clients can book longer paid trials for a fraction of the price. To book a trial please use the link below.

Please Click Here to Have Someone Contact You About Your Application

3. OptimiSation

The applications lab is used for optimisation, this service is for clients that already have a laser system installed and need expert assistance in getting the very best from their current set up. Our experienced App’s team can simulate a similar set up as a client, once set up the App’s team can then evaluate and produce a detailed report to advise clients on how to achieve the optimum result. Our applications Team of physicists are experts in their field, our aim is to give our clients the best tools they need to complete the job at hand.

4. Research & Development (of new applications)

At Andritz Powerlase we continuously invest in research & development, our goal for our R&D initiative is to further advance our lasers by working on new applications that have not as of yet been launched in the market, we also have a focus on producing improvements on applications that are done inadequately within the laser industry. Our app’s team continually develop new technologies to improve the efficiency and impact of application and the way they’re are being done. This R&D commitment helps Andritz Powerlase to continually develop its products and shows the world what is achievable with our pulse lasers.