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The Powerlase applications laboratory is not just another laser lab. It is equipped with pulsed ns sources emitting in three harmonic wavelengths and average power beyond any other research laboratory in the world. Further than the world leading q-switched laser power and wavelength availability, the lab is also supported by microscopy and surface characterisation metrology equipment, enabling immediate characterisation of processed materials.

What is more exciting is that use of the laboratory is open to clients, industrial partners and research collaborators alike for testing process limits at maximum speed and performance. It is easy to arrange commercial feasibility of parametric testing of your materials at Powerlase. Just send in a request and fill in the entry form with information about the material, it’s coatings and the type of process and one of our applications engineers will respond with an assessment and potential dates for testing.

Client’s across the globe, have already found the service very valuable. Investing in new laser equipment can be somewhat demanding in capital, especially for small to medium enterprises. Performing feasibility tests and validations at the Powerlase applications laboratories has helped a number of clients to significantly de-risk their capital investment plans and progress with a purchase of one of the world’s best performing laser devices with confidence for their investment and anticipated returns.

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