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ANDRITZ Powerlase, a subsidiary of ANDRITZ Group, is an independent, innovative, high power high energy laser company, focused on powerful nanosecond Q-switched Diode Pumped Solid State lasers developed for industrial applications primarily for use in the materials processing.

ANDRITZ Powerlase works with world leading technology partners to successfully address the needs of the automotive, aerospace and defense industries. The high power, high energy laser technology offers solutions for ablation, surface processing, cleaning, depainting, polishing and processing compositematerials in industrial applications with demands of high production speed.

Customer-focused, with in-depth knowledge of applications providing solutions for materials processing, ANDRITZ Powerlase enjoys significant expertise in designing and developing dynamic applications for ablation of Hot Stamped Tailored Blanks, high speed solar cell manufacturing, cleaning and depainting in the automotive and aerospace industries, cleaning of machine tools, ablation, cutting & drilling of composite materials, laser liftoff for flexible display manufacturing, ultra-fine polishing and industrial gas turbine manufacturing.