Increased pulse energy increases process speed and quality

Video 1: Shows Paint removal of 70μm thick paint using 1500 W NIR laser simulating most NIR fiber lasers available today. Single pass is not effective in paint removal. A second or 3rd pass is necessary to remove the paint down to the substrate, significantly reducing process time.

See video 2: the Powerlase Vulcan system is used for the same coating, emitting pulses with energy above 200mJ and exploiting detachment and hybrid detachment processes to remove the same coating with one pass at high speed. The high energy pulses of the Vulcan laser cleaning system can reach up to 250mJ, and removes paints and coatings at high speed over large spot sizes. The patented process used by the Powerlase Vulcan (video 2) system can remove most paints with speeds in excess of 0.5m²/min

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